Thursday, January 2, 2014

NEW January Series - Cuban Carnival Percussion & Dance!


Percussion & Dance Class Series: 

"Las Congas de Cuba"

(The Congas of Cuba)


Looking for something fun to do in 2014?  Try the NEW Cuban Carnival Class Series taught by Juan Carlos Blanco, Las Congas de Cuba - The Congas of Cuba. This wonderfully exhilarating annual class series is being offered for a 3rd year at World Beat Cultural Center for a limited time only! Now thru Feb 23, 2014.  Students have the option of taking classes individually or can enjoy both.  

Cuban Carnival  Percussion                            

Time: 12 - 1 pm

Cost: $7

WorldBeat Center, 2100 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA 92101 (Balboa Park)


Students will be taught Cuban Carnival or comparsa rhythms with emphasis on proper and authentic technique in a fun ensemble setting.  (See more info about comparsas below). Class will be taught in a progressive format, building upon an arrangement on a weekly basis.  For maximum learning, consistent attendance is recommended.  Drums Available. Drop-ins, beginners, and all levels are welcome! 

Cuban Carnival Dance 

Time: 1 - 2 pm 

Cost: $7

WorldBeat Center, 2100 Park Blvd.
San Diego, CA. 92101 (Balboa Park)   

Students will be taught various authentic dance styles, movements, vocabulary and technique reflective of a variety of different comparsas found in Cuba.  (See more info about comparsas below).  Class will be taught in a progressive format as we build choreography for our very own comparsa.  Class is accompanied by Live Percussion! 


Las Congas de Cuba is a reference to the various types and styles of Cuban comparsas that will be explored in this series.  'Congas' is a popular term that is used to refer to comparsa groups in Cuba.  These are groups made up of percussionists and dancers who prepare pulsating carnival rhythms and exciting choreography for their annual parading in Carnaval, where the public will follow behind and around them, dancing and singing along with them.  They will also compete against other congas - comparsas to be the best group. This is the epitome of dancing in the street! Carnival is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate together and is one of Cuba's many great traditions that has endured the test of time; dating as far back as the 17th century, it continues to be celebrated throughout many cities in Cuba today.

Students of this series will have the amazing opportunity to participate in the 22nd Annual San Diego Mardi Gras Brazil Carnival!  Students who wish to participate must learn to play rhythms and/or dance choreography. Therefore, consistent attendance is highly recommended.  Participation in this event is optional and not required in order to take the series. Click here for more info. about SD Mardi Gras Brazil Carnival 2014.



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